Downloading The Book

You may download the book in PDF format for free from the link below.  PDF is a file format created by Adobe® to ensure that a document will look exactly the same on a wide variety of computers and other electronic devices.  Adobe® Reader®, a free program for reading PDF files, is required for viewing this version of the book.

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INSTRUCTIONS:  Click on the Download Book Now link above.  If you already have the reader installed the book will download and open for you automatically.

If you do not have the reader installed your browser may instead pop-up a dialog box with 'Save' and 'Cancel' buttons.  We suggest that you press 'Cancel' and install the reader first.  Use the link in the upper right corner of this page to install the reader (or you may visit  Note that installation of the reader may require a reboot of your computer.  If the book does not open from the download button after installation, please close all browser windows and reopen the site.

Adobe® Reader® is a free program, but if you only want the reader be sure to uncheck the optional 'Google Toolbar' on the reader install page.

TIP:  When the book opens in the reader your browser is actually holding the PDF file in a temporary folder on your computer and will continue to load the file from there.  If you would rather save the PDF locally so you can read it without being online or mail it to a friend, once the book is open just choose 'Save a copy' in the upper left of the reader.  If you do not know where to save it then choose Desktop so you can find it easily.

Additionally if you would rather have a hard-copy of this book please see the order page to order a copy from

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